1. Introduction to the study of the oceans

  2. Basics of Oceanography

  3. The air above the oceans

  4. Measurements in the oceans and the air above

  5. Real-time observations

  6. Sampling of water and organisms

  7. Chemical analysis of sea water

  8. Biomass quantification

  9. Identification of planktonic organisms

  10. Instrumental analysis

  11. Physico-chemical methods for pollutant detection

  12. Marine pollution control and abatement

  13. Hydrodynamics

  14. Biogeochemistry

  15. Taxonomy

  16. Numerical modeling

  17. Forecasting of atmospheric and oceanic conditions

  18. Remote sensing of atmospheric & oceanic properties

  19. Trajectory definition in the ocean and the atmosphere

  20. Automatic data collection

  21. Statistics for ocean and atmospheric sciences

  22. Ships of opportunity

  23. Access to international databases

  24. Convention on the Law of the Sea

  25. Convention on Marine Pollution

  26. Conventions for the Protection of the Sea

  27. European legislation on water and pollution

  28. Integrated coastal zone management

  29. Polar science

  30. Global change