Brief description

As human population grows and our activity as species leaves deeper prints on the planet, a better and more efficient use of its resources is absolutely needed. It becomes, thus, necessary to know and/or discover the environmental functions and services that natural systems offer to mankind. By conducting innovative basic and applied research, the mission of the present Line is to produce scientific knowledge serving as a basis for sustainable management and utilization of marine and coastal resources and environment.

Present environmental issues are complex and require a multidisciplinary approach. The working group has designed in the past a working network involving researchers from different fields of the social sciences (geographers, sociologists, lawyers and management process scientists), natural scientists and coastal engineers, following together a holistic approach, in order to be able to build scientific hypotheses, test them and make them operational in order to progress along the way towards a Sustainable Development of the Planet Earth. Another characteristic of our Line of Research, in addition to the will to carry out high-quality scientific research, is the desire to extend the scientific knowledge to the Society through education and public outreach.


The general objective of the present Line of Research is to generate high level multidisciplinary scientific knowledge in the area of Marine Sciences liable to be used in an operational mode in order to reach the Sustainable Development of coastal and marine environments to allow them to provide responses to human pressures without jeopardizing their future wellbeing. The present Line of Research covers specific objectives involving different approaches and various scales: